18 comments on “Release 56: A Yuri Halloween

  1. That certainly was a fun surprise. Who would have thought it be my favorite pairing too~? ♥
    Thanks for the release and have a happy Yuri Halloween! ^_^

  2. Waaa?!!!
    This is a total TREAT! This mystery doujin happens to be from a source I love!
    Thanks so much for the hot n spicy surprise!!
    Full of all that Sa**M** goodness! <- (gotta keep it a surprise) I love it!

  3. No way.. There is no way you guys just did a 2hu doujin! This is THE best Halloween surprise ever!

    Please, buy more. This pairing– any pairing! I’m donating $10 towards more Touhou!

    You guys are officially my favorite people ever now. Thank you!

  4. I totally love MelingxSakuya doujins. Thank you so very much. It’s a wonderful surprise. There are many Anthologies on SakuyaxMeiling that haven’t been translated yet. If you guys are ever interested do tell me. I’ll post you the raws.

  5. That was a great choice! Thank you so much 🙂
    I really hope to see more To**** doujinshi on yuriism soon
    I think the Halloween special as well as the polls for the next doujin were some great ideas, I really appreciate your work 🙂

  6. I’m surprised Yuri-ism translates Touhou too. Pleasantly surprised of course, thank you very much once again.

    Are you planning to translate more Touhou doujins in the future? I’d very much like to see some more, but since Touhou already has many translators, I think most people would be more happy if you’d stick to anime doujins only. They are pretty rare after all when compared to Touhou.

    And wow, a Hidamari Sketch doujin is coming too!? Great news, I love Hidamari Sketch and I’ve always been saddened because of the lack of yuri doujins of it.

    • While searching for this one I saw some others I’d like to work on. But yeah, touhou is heavily translated already. Generally speaking though, if I find a good doujin that’s untranslated, I’d probably want to do it no matter what series or game its from.

  7. Never read a t****** doujin before but I liked this one. And a Hidamari Sketch doujin that’s sfw is coming up? My face widens with anticipation!

  8. this is too much O.O too much! i really like how u did ur work, change background, add halloween pics and everything.. i totally love this doujinshi, thank u so much
    Happy Yuri Halloween ^^

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