12 comments on “Release 89: Strip Mahjong

  1. Seriously more Saki doujins ftw! That was fantastic!! Especially Kuro-chan’s imagination at the end :3. Gaaah…gotta search the internet for more Saki doujins now that aren’t safe for work!!! *insert crazed fangirl look on face*

  2. Why’s there so few Saki doujins?
    Seems like a prime candidate for yuri doujins if you ask me!

    Anyway, thanks for the release. 😀

  3. Thanks for the cute release! Although this one was begging to get a little unsafe. Wahaha!
    I would be thrilled if Japan would get with it and make yuri doujin from less popular manga/anime I enjoy, but it doesn’t seem to happen.

  4. En castellano: Gracias personal de Yuri-Ism. Soy un hispano nativo y uso sus versiones de doujinshis Yuri en inglés para hacer las mías en castellano junto con unos colaboradores que los editan.

    No me gustó mucho la serie principal de Saki pero sus derivados tales como doujinshis sí que me gustan (no sé por qué pero en fin… xD).

    El siguiente doujin de Puella Magi Madoka Magica se nota que va a ser muy bueno sobre todo porque es Hentai jaja…

    ¡Un saludo!

    In english: Thanks Yuri-Ism staff. I am a native Spanish and use their English versions doujinshi Yuri to make mine in castilian (spanish) along with some collaborators that edit.

    I not liked the main series Saki but its derivatives such as self doujinshis I like (do not know why but anyway … xD).

    The next doujin Puella Magi Madoka Magica is noted to be very good especially since it Hentai haha …


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