19 comments on “Release 93: What makes you ultra happy?

  1. I thoroughly enjoy NaoRei as a pairing, but I gotta say that every release I see that isn’t NagiHono makes me even more turgid with anticipation for the next one.

  2. Haha! great art and pure yuri is the best! ^^ urghh… the cross breeding part kind of very disturbing for me @-@ the miyuki part xD

      • It’s one to two pages of a safe-for-work scene at the beginning of a safe-for-work GAG doujinshi. Perhaps you both missed the other 24 pages of yuri? Oh wait, they make reference later on to THAT SCENE, and as a result a bunch of cute girls sit around being cute. How horrible.
        Go buy the doujinshi and cut the pages out yourself, or delete those two evil pages so your precious eyes don’t have to tolerate the vile, disgusting MiyuWolf.
        1/10 made me reply.
        Nandeyanen & co., thanks for this release, and for all of your releases. You guys are A+ pro.

        • This is basically how we feel. If the doujin were a serious take on Miyuki x Wolfrun, then we wouldn’t have done it. But it’s not. It’s completely done for laughs, and quite well, in my opinion.

          I’ll also add that since Miyuki does not have any true yuri-ship in this series, it made it easier to overlook. Now if NaoRei were broken up for wolf-love? Then that would be a different story.

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