Release 96: Valentine’s Yuri-ism Style

Some people receive chocolates for valentine’s day, others get… cat ears? Yuri-ism wishes you a happy valentine’s day with this crazy KyoSaya doujin!


(C82) [bakadomo. (Ryuunosuke)] My Companion Became a Cat (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Download: Sendspace

Don’t worry MadoHomu fans, we haven’t forgotten you! Release 100 will be featuring them.

19 comments on “Release 96: Valentine’s Yuri-ism Style

  1. Will definitely look forward to #100 most of all, but in the mean time thanks for this wonderful last set of releases. Upcoming is great too as I just finished rewatching Strike Witches.

    Also speaking of MadoHomu, if you ever get the chance to get a こるり屋 doujin I’d love to see it. The samples out look to be made of pure diabetes and awesome.

  2. When I saw the cover…. Oh hell yes!
    Thanks so much for the most wonderful Valentine’s Day present ever!
    It was pure bliss!

  3. This… this is awesome! Definitely one of my favorite!
    Many thanks for the hard work!
    Can’t wait for the 100th! I wanna see more MadoHomu~!!

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