Release 100: Homu Strikes Back

A little over a year and a half ago, Chansu and I completed our very first yuri doujin with Madoka and Homura. It was released with another scan group at the time, and we mostly worked on het doujins, but our rainbow road to lesbian heaven was paved by HomuMado. Even though we wouldn’t actually make Yuri-ism and go full-time with it until several months after that, we felt it was only natural for release #100 to feature the same pairing as release #1 did. Yuri-ism has come a long way since then, but HomuMado is just as awesome as ever. If you would like to read that very first release, you can check it out here!

Since 100 releases is a nice even number to do this sort of thing with, we’ve made a batch torrent of all our releases. Special thanks to Rika-chama for helping with the torrent.
Yuri-ism Batch Torrent


(C83) [Fukuya (Tama II)] A Story of Their Night Together (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Download:  Sendspace

32 comments on “Release 100: Homu Strikes Back

  1. Thanks a lot for all your hard work guys, I mostly like all the Yuri-sm releases.
    All that’s be HomuMado is great, aaaah how I love Yuri >.< specially the sfw ones, but this is great too!
    Congratulations for the 100° doujin, hopefully we'll see one hundred more!!

  2. Odd i keep getting a file name is too long message on utorrent is there a way to fix that? since i want to download all the releases

  3. Congrats on your 100th release! Thank you for all your hard (and money-less) work, and keeping yuri scanslation alive!

    HomuMado Forever and Ever.

  4. Definitely a big congrats, and you’ve picked a wonderful #100 too (HomuMado forever!). Thanks for your hard work making this site and helping spread so many great series.

  5. Thanks for the fantastic HomuMado release! Yay!
    One hundred releases! Wow. I remember way back when you guys put “life 4 yuri” in the credits pages of the SayaKyo doujin “Our Survival Strategy” while still a part of life4Kaoru. I felt so excited when I read that! The yuri doujin were wonderful, but there were still het releases that got in the way. I thought “if only the releases could be yuri exclusive…”

    When you guys launched shortly after, the group was strong! I guess having experience made it easier to branch off down a rainbow road to lesbian heaven! But even so, I can think of no other scanlation group that delivers so much volume while maintaining high quality. It’s pretty obvious how passionate you all are about yuri manga. And I suppose it’s only natural since yuri truly is the purest form of love!!!
    Congrats on one hundred releases of pure love!

    • I just wanted to say thank you for supporting us for so long! It really means a lot to us to know we have such great fans. I often find myself too busy to reply to people these days, but I wanted to let you know that we always appreciate all the thanks we get.

      If it weren’t for awesome people like you, yuri-ism might not even exist!

  6. Thank you very much for your hard work all this time for the yuri world, yuri-ism is truly one of the best !
    I really appreciate the effort you all put in to come this far and I hope to see you all do well in the future as well, for the purest form of love!!!
    And of course, MadoHomu is just excellent, thank you very much (again)!!!

  7. This is gorgeous! Thanks for all the yuri this past year. There’s no other group that translates so much yuri, on such high quality raws. You’ve carried the yuri community on your back, pretty much. And I know we’re all grateful (I am, at least.)

    I’m seeding your torrent now. One question: It looks like some of the content in this torrent is duplicated. I’m referring to Sweet Box and some of Isya’s Precure stuff included in it. Was that deliberate?

    • Yea it was intentional. I debated not putting those in since SB was already there, but since they were individual releases I left them in case someone just wants to read those and not Sweet Box entirely. The individual chapters we released leading up to Sweet Boxes full compilation were deleted though. And Nagihono chapters 1 and 2 were combined.

  8. Yes! I was wondering when this one would be coming! You guys always deliver! Already looking forward to your 200th release 😉

  9. Congratulations on the 100th Release! It feels like it was only yesterday when I visit the 1st Release. You guys done an awesome job up till now. Loved your work, keep it up!

  10. Wow, 100 releases, that’s quite a lot and I thank you for each and every one of them.
    You are a great translation group, I simply love each and every release and have also been there since the very beginning.
    I’m not saying that you are the best scanalation group out there, but it is true that I like to visit your website the most. Fast translations, quality work, special releases on specific holidays and polls to let your fans decide what to translate next.
    We can definitely see that you are really passionate about what you are doing and that’s just what makes you so awesome.
    So yet again thank you for all the releases and of course for this one specifically, it was the perfect choice for this occasion.

  11. Our Survival Strategy made me find this awesome scanlation group months ago.. it was love at first sight!!
    Congratulations and thanks for everything 🙂

  12. Congratulations on the 100th release! I just have to say, you guys have been freaking awesome for sticking with it and doing what I really (really) would not be able to do.

    The release was awesome, HomuMado is awesome, Yuri is amazing! Thanks again guys!

  13. Congratulations on 100th release. Yuri-ism is undoubtedly one of the best yuri websites on the web. Your passion and hard work shows. Many thanks.

  14. Congratulations on your 100th release! Yuri-ism, as a group, has certainly come a long way, dating back all the way to when it was part of life4kaoru.

    The road has been long, but watching yuri-ism grow as a group is as wondrous as the work that yuri-ism does. I’ve been here since the very beginning, I’ve been there for your comikets, and I’m still here now! I’m looking forward to your future releases. You’ll always have my support!

  15. wow! Thanks so much for all the releases guys! I really appreciate all the hard work poured into these doujins! Thanks loads for always translating madohomu doujins and making release 100 that too. Srsly, u guys are amazing!

  16. congratulation release 100 doujins. i remember i started to read kyousaya in life4kaoru long time. then i came here to read more madoka, and then hibiki x kanade and nao x reika. i totally love all the yuri doujins u release, especially kyousaya. all of them have great artwork, story and more. yuri-ism know which to put the great yuri doujin in their website, and also put the poll. really good job and thank u so much ^.^
    i really love the pic of Homu-ism

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