Release 108: The Touhou Generation

After doing a couple Touhou doujins we felt everything else was pretty lame. So we’ve decided to change to doing nothing but touhou doujins.



[Yudokuya (Tomokichi)] Kasen-chan is Dangerously Cute!! (Touhou Project) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Download:  Sendspace

24 comments on “Release 108: The Touhou Generation

  1. Haha, great. 🙂

    Love the new background. Shame it’s gonne be gone tomorrow. :/
    Touhou’s great, but I would miss KyoSaya too much.

  2. thanks for the cute and awesome release 🙂

    I’ve noticed an misspelling on page 17: you have “if she this keeps up…”, shouldn’t this be “if she keeps this up…”? (or maybe that was intentional in the raw, didn’t read it since I don’t know jap :P)

  3. Haha nice one you got me.
    to bad it’s gonna be gone tomorrow. I would’ve loved to read the one with marisa and alice 😀

  4. Well I still like this page even if they turned it into a yaoi ahaha xD but i’m going to miss every kyosaya, naorei, precure’s moments or scenes T-T

  5. Nah, you guys would not let us down without our NanoFate, Madoka x Homura, Sakurako x Himawari, etc. Happy april fools 🙂

  6. If that Nitori/Momiji one isn’t real or doesn’t eventually get translated I’ll be a little disappointed. Nitori doesn’t get a lot of lovin’.

  7. Hell YES! A hilarious and delightful ReimuxKasen yuri!
    Even has a ref to Wild and Horned Hermit! Love how the site went completely Touhou for the occasion! 2HU-ISM 4EVA YO!!!
    Love the background! Summer vacation at the SDM!! In the middle of winter no doubt! (Sakuya doesn’t seem to notice yet!) XD
    Thanks for the 2HU love!!!

    • this isn’t an anime, though it has some but it’s only fan made. This is a game series name Touhou Project google it, you might find it good.

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