20 comments on “Release 114: Reach out to the truth

  1. That was incredibly sweet! Ever since playing Persona 4 back in 2009 I’ve loved this pairing, but there were virtually no doujin for it. Even though Atlus broke their promise, I guess the Golden re-release was for the best if it spurred the creation of such beautiful yuri. I hope shinokko continues the story someday.

  2. D: They were so cute! I was waiting for this one i really like the art work. Will be waiting for sequel :3 thanks for upload

  3. I found the characters very interesting, and their relationship is especially interesting. But did I miss something? It seems like this story picks up from somewhere prior.
    Thanks for the release! Now I want to know more about Persona!

    hehe… with all these lewd releases Madoka’s face will become perma-blush!

  4. Is it just me, or there’s some page only come out as black page?

    Either way, thank you for the wonderful release, can’t wait to see another doujin from this pairing.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. A good thing there might be a continuation because that ending was kind of unsatisfying. I rolled my eyes irritably at a couple of lines and that thank-god-it-wasn’t-a-rape-attempt part but overall the tomboy’s shyness was very sweet. Thank you for your work guys, as always.

    Also I can’t wait for a doujin with “Lots of sex!”. Not because of the sex but because I’m very curious what a level 5 Madoka will look like.

  6. I agree with the fellow up here ^
    I love the wait for NagiHono, HibiKana or KyoSaya because the releases in between are heartwarming and super hot as well.
    I simply love this site ♥

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