10 comments on “Release 117: A case of the hiccups

  1. Thanks for the release! (very original phrase, I know :D)

    But one question – after the release of chapter 6 will you put all 6 chapters together as one “release”/”dl package” (like with “Sweet Box”) ?

  2. This is really cute, but I really dislike the author’s notes saying how s/he thinks they’re the type of couple that breaks up after highschool and that she likes it when Honoka’s love in unrequainted. It also makes me a bit nervous to see the end.

  3. Very cute and funny! I’m guessing the editor may have shot down the mangaka’s intended story (thank goodness). Is this chapter 4 or 5? I only remember the first three chapters being released but the NagiHono panel shows up to chapter five complete.
    Thanks for the release!

  4. I have to read it yet but i’m already feeling my heart melting. Thank you so much! Today sure is a great day for yuri manga.

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