12 comments on “Release 121: Surprise Sailor Moon

  1. A completely awesome surprise! I think these two might amongst the first I ever shipped, way back in the 90s, and Sailor Moon in general was definitely what started me on the path of yuri. Seeing really nice works like this of a classic pair still all these years later is great.

  2. oh gosh.. never once have i thought of chibi usa that way but now im strangely turned on 0////0 thanks for the update! I want to see more like this ^/////^

  3. If only I liked chibi more…but I’m happy to see some Sailor Moon yuri. It’s a good kind of nostalgia.

  4. That was very nice, though I know little of Sailor Moon.
    I really appreciate the unwavering dedication to yuri in editing this release!

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