Release 127: Sakurako in covert ops part 5

The epic saga continues! The contents of Sakurako’s mystery bag are revealed and Himawari’s fetishes get even more extreme.

Be sure to check the author’s notes at the end of the doujin for some important information regarding SF.


Lewd meter3a

(COMIC1☆7) [Purimomo (Goyac)] Secret Flowers 5 (YuruYuri) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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27 comments on “Release 127: Sakurako in covert ops part 5

  1. kind of disappointed with the chapter. I don’t know why I expected more. but at least there will be more chapters coming out! can’t wait

    • I feel the same way. Where is the author even going with this?!
      But still… at least 2 more chapters!

      Thanks guys!

  2. I love how crazy this doujin gets!
    You never know what’s going to happen with the next chapter!
    Thanks so much for working on this series!!!

  3. I’m slightly disappointed in this one, it felt like nothing really happened and that it just felt like it jumped from one cliff hanger to another, this issue is defiantly the middle child in my opinion.

  4. So it says the 6th one is coming out between Gorakuba 4 and Sunshine Creation 60…those other doujins the dude makes or are those like comikets? When is Summer comiket?

    Also I hope this does end up going somewhere and they actually continue where they left off last time and have more sex.

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