8 comments on “Release 145: Hyouka

    • I think it’s actually a yuri one-sided love, and somehow I felt that the girl who has the feeling towards to that dude isn’t exactly a Yuri-girl. This relationship kinda pissed me off.

      Please you guys don’t need to do any doujin that related to a guy because I remember the slogan of Yuri-ism is “Yuri-ism is men are nowhere to be found” :(.

      If it’s a lovesquare, it must be 3-girls-in-a-lovesquare, not 2-girls-1-boy like this one ;(.

  1. Oh, calm down guys :3. It’s kinda impolite to interupt two girls in love =], but sometimes we may enjoy a new form love of Yuri-ism: Loveless. C’mon!

    Btw, thank you guys for the release, I’m looking forward to reading the next DJ one. It’s fun to read something new ;).

  2. I’m confused, so is this pure yuri or not? If there’s a romantic relationship between a girl and a guy in any of this then I don’t want anything to do with it, quite frankly…

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