Release 155: A Midnight Date with Ymir and Krista

Thanks again to Döffel from /u/ for typesetting this.

WARNING – This doujin does contain spoilers.

We currently have a poll up concerning the spelling of Krista’s (or Christa’s) name. It seems the official translation is “Krista Lenz” but “Christa” is much more widely used among the fandom. Her last name is also a possible point of contention – Renz versus Lenz. All of these options are available for you to choose within the poll. I would like to just settle on one spelling and use that for all future doujins. We’ll go with whichever option ends up being the most popular, so please vote!


Lewd meter PURE 1

(FOW2) [Nine Four Air (Tomo)] MESSENGER (Shingeki no Kyojin) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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7 comments on “Release 155: A Midnight Date with Ymir and Krista

  1. …and the East Asian lack of r/l differentation rides again, leaving confusion and weeaboo flamewars in its wake. Times are tough…
    Anyways, quick exercise of Wiki-fu says both “Lenz” and “Lentz” are real and reasonably common Germanic surnames while “Renz” seems to be FAR rarer, and as “Krista” is basically the German/Scandinavian spelling of “Christa” I’ll vote for that.

    And thanks for the release!

  2. D’oh, more spoilers. How much will it ruin everything if I read this (I haven’t read any of the manga, just been watching the anime)?

  3. *sniff* it…it’s so beautiful :’) i ship them so hard and i love them so much.. its really touching my heart~
    my favorite yuri couple:
    1. kyouko x sayaka
    2. naomi x seiko
    3. and now ymir and christa ^.^
    about the name.. since anime called her christa renz, then called her christa renz 😉

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