19 comments on “Release 171: Rabu Raibu

  1. @Mayjaplaya I actually have that right now. I probably can upload both of the new ones by tomorrow morning. And thank you for the translations I really love your guys work.

    • We would really appreciate it if you did not upload them, to be honest. We bought these on our own and would prefer to work on them at our own pace, but if they go public then we have to do a super rush job so we don’t get sniped by other groups. We do not care if you want to release the japanese raws after we put out our own copy, but releasing raws beforehand really is only hurting us. Your doujins / your choice either way, but yeah.

        • Thanks, we do appreciate that. Like I said, feel free to release japanese raws after we put out our version, if you want. And sorry if I sounded like an ass, but we had to rush a nearly 80 page doujin the other week so we are all a bit worn out at the moment, and our C84 order hasn’t even arrived yet.

    • I never asked for raws, but I understand the need to keep them offline. For the good of yuri!

      You guys don’t have to kill yourselves rushing; great yuri is great, even if it’s late!

  2. Had a good day. Go online, click on Yuri-ism bookmark tab. Find NicoxMaki.

    I may have used up a week’s worth of good luck. Staying indoors for the week. Awesome job guys, many thanks.

  3. Oh gosh! This was just……
    It’s just….

    Ohhh goodness… these yuri couples is just so awesome to see… Maki and Nico and Kotori and Umi x_x. it was just amazing…

    I hope an EriNozomi or EriUmi comes out x3 ehhh… Love Love Live! x3

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