Release 178: Crab x Cat

Sorry if you were expecting feline x crustacean yuri, this is not quite it!

There is a serious lack of -mongatari yuri, and this is a good start to fix that. It’s too bad that Kanbaru gets no love ever. I will always pray to Godoka that one day there will be a Karen x Tsukihi doujin.



(CT22) [Soramimi (Mytyl)] Feline Fun (Bakemonogatari) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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9 comments on “Release 178: Crab x Cat

  1. It occurs to me Karen and Kanbaru oughta be pretty slashable too.
    Doujin authors, I am dissapoint. >:|

    (…i-it’s not like I liked this one or anything though!)

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