Release 182: Goddess Christa

It’s nice to have a plain old kawaii uguu Ymir x Christa doujin after those two serious ones we did already.

Once again, special thanks to Doffel for his great work in editing this for us.


MAMI Lewd Meter 1

(C84) [Nanairo Parker (Gumichoko)] titan x goddess x rolled egg (Shingeki no Kyojin) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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8 comments on “Release 182: Goddess Christa

  1. Awww.. this is so refreshing to see after seeing chapter 50 of the manga. Just what I needed! It’s nice to see a light hearted doujinshi like this, taking a break from all those titans! Although the giant pair of titan shorts got me, same with christas head butts xD thank you yuri-ism!

  2. I am confused at pg 16. Ymir says, “Now that I’m teamed up with Ymir, We’re guaranteed to win!”

    Either it should be Christa, not Ymir, or the wording needs changing…

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