Release 188: Fleurir

Two stories for the price of one doujin. A joint release with our friends at Team Vanilla. Scans provided by WeatheredPeach.



[studio ゴンドラ (Bunong, Mytyl)] Fleurir (Original) [English] =Yuri-ism & TV=

Download: Mega | Uploaded | 4shared | Deposit Files

[Read Online]

13 comments on “Release 188: Fleurir

  1. The arts are so adorable and beautiful. I really love Yuri Original Manga. Both stories are amazing. Thank you guys for the great release :)!

  2. I love to read the continuation of the story! I loved the first! I read 3 times and im going to read some more: 3 I hope you keep more doujins traslating original! thx for your hard work on this ^ – ^

  3. The first story I liked most heh the second was good too I wish there would be a continue of both stories these need a part 2! haha but it not likely a second part was made anyway great upload 😀

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