Release 192: Love Live Loving 2

I’m doing some renovating to the lewd meter. I originally made it as a means to help easily identify the contents of the doujin before you actually read it.  It was a feature suggested by a few people during our last survey. I thought by adding 5 tiers to pick from I could narrow it down so that people who only wanted to read the most sfw stuff were happy, and the people who only want to read nsfw were happy as well. In the end, the 5 lewd system ended up just being more confusing and too subjective to be of much help.

So I’m considering just using 3 options now. Non-H, Ecchi, and Hentai. You can click Madoka for a better description of the three. With us nearing 200 releases now, I want to make sure I organize our releases in the best way possible. So if you have any suggestions for what we should do, please let us know. We’re also considering adding content tags to our releases as well, such as… “Kissing” “Holding hands” “Tribadism” etc etc… What do you guys think?


mado lewd meter 3

(C84) [Waterfall (Takano Saku)] Sweet Punishment (Love Live!) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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18 comments on “Release 192: Love Live Loving 2

  1. It would probably be the easiest way to categorize them, yeah. I will miss seeing 5 rated releases and knowing they’re extra lewd though.

    Actually, thinking about it, were there even any 3 rated releases? I can’t recall seeing that rating on anything. Definitely feels like 3 wasn’t pulling its weight, compared to the other ratings.

  2. Adding tags to the releases would be a good idea that way if possible then users could search for say Lots of Kissing which would probably result in plenty of KyoSaya doujins XD so yeah go for it

  3. Always good to see more Waterfall.
    I read pretty much everything you folks release regardless of the content, so just do what you’ve got to do, I suppose.

  4. Waterfall♥ His works are good as always :). Hope to see more and more ErixNozomi djs ^^.

    I think 3 options are convience for the readers to choose what they read now 🙂 since #4 and #5 somehow are the same lewd level (my opinion). Anw, I don’t think too much tags like kissing or holding hands, etc. is necessary. Yuri-ism is a special site with Madoka’s banner level, I’d say so xD.

    Thank you guys for the great release :D.

  5. I was really looking forward to this, I love this couple and artist!
    Thank you guys so much~
    It’s a miracle I didn’t die from how cute this was, I’ll just be in the hospital for a few days…

  6. I’ve been waiting! About this, I suppose only 3 ratings is the easiest way out. Since it’s just like Yes or No. But I think it’s okay if it’s just, SFW and NSFW. I think it’s the easiest way to tell. Then you can just pitch in creativity like SFW (with some sexy shoulders) or NSFW (with lots of sex!) or NSFW (with hot steamy sex!) but in any case, this is just a suggestion coming from a derp. xD Cause if it’s SFW, view it anywhere, if it’s NSFW regardless of how many skin, or nipples, or other parts it shows, it’s NSFW view it privately. I guess. xD

  7. I just love Waterfall ! Just what I needed before bed.
    As for the lewd meter. It doesn’t bother me that you got rid of it. I will miss madoka rating the doujins though… but i love anything you guys crank out. So it doesn’t bother me with whatever you decide to do.

  8. The lewd meter was good, don’t understand why others were having issues with it, it was easy…if it were 4/5 you could expect a lot of sex.
    I think the tag is a great idea!
    Too bad it is not a Eri x Umi, but still good, thanks!

  9. Yaay, have been waiting for this one, thanks for the great release!
    Adding more tags to the releases is great idea, as for the lewd meter, I don’t mind either way.

  10. I think the whole tag thing would be a pretty cool idea, I see them pretty much everywhere on other doujin sites and I think it’s a good way of finding what you like.

  11. Honestly, I read everything that is released, so in my case, it’s unnecessary.
    But constructively, the three tier system seems quite good. An issue with tags may be the effort required to constantly use them & maintain the system & list.

    As always, thanks for the releases!

  12. Tags are better for exclusion really (example would be excluding futa). You don`t publish anything I dislike so it doesn`t affect me but you should base tags around where you audience groups don`t overlap. Lewdness is good to start with

  13. I preferred the old Madoka reactions, but if you’re going to cut it down, just note them as SFW or NSFW. People aren’t idiots, they can figure everything else out for themselves.

    If the problem is complexity and subjectivity, make it as simple and objective as possible.

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