Release 194: The Earth Girls Saga Begins

This story takes place thousands of years ago, in an era before modern civilizations. Our protagonist Sakina decides to venture forth to find the rumored Smoke Mountain, a village ran by a female chieftain named Kidaha. During her adventure she becomes caught in a fierce storm with a mysterious girl. 

This is the first and second chapter of Earth Girls. There will be 7 parts in total, you can keep up to date with the progress by checking the sidebar. A joint release with Team Vanilla. Scans provided by WeatheredPeach.

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mado lewd meter 3

(C84) [peachpulsar (Mira)] Earth Girls ch1-2 (Original) [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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[Read Chapter 1 Online]
[Read Chapter 2 Online]

14 comments on “Release 194: The Earth Girls Saga Begins

  1. Ah, finally some translated Peachpulsar stuff. While the art can be rough at times, the amount of original yuri they pump out is amazing, and they’ve got talent for doing sex scenes. Looking forward to the rest of this!

  2. I’ve loved Mira’s works since Crimson Fantasy. He is talented artist drawing Yuri porn with the best plot as always ♥. Can’t wait for more chapters ♥~ Thank you guys for the release :3.

  3. I wonder if Sakina will turn into Kidaha’s wife until the end of it lol
    Hopefully, she will keep with Yume only…but I think she will have others experiences…

  4. That was really good both chapters!! so far Yume is my favorite character out of this the art is awesome in here too!! Part 3 an 4 please!!

  5. My face when I found out about Kidaha’s harem is just like Sakina’s =_=…
    Now I actually want Sakina to be able to win Yume over to herself…
    Don’t get me wrong please, I am fine with yuri harem, but ten (and some exes) ? Now that is “a bit” too much for me to support.
    Thank you very much for doing this series! I am looking forward to the next part(s)!

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