Release 197: Super Cute Nanoha

The is one of MekiMeki’s earliest works. We’ve decided to join forces with Yurihouse on scanlating the entire omnibus this belongs to. So look forward to more cute Nanoha doujins in the future.

ss (2013-11-16 at 12.28.21)

[Mekimeki Oukoku] A Magical Girl Has Come of Age [Yurihouse & Yuri-ism]
Rating: Non-H (SFW)

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7 comments on “Release 197: Super Cute Nanoha

  1. Will you make a all in one post when y’all are done? I wanted to wait till they were all done, but honestly I don’t think I can wait till then to read them.

    • The final one will probably be posted with a “full” version as well. is working on two chapters , so those will not be included. We may be able to work something out depending on the timing, but we havent looked into that yet.

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