Release 200: Madopurgisnacht

Today we celebrate our 200th release! Once again, we’d like to thank all of our readers for your continued support. We hope you enjoyed the past 100 releases and will continue to enjoy what we have to offer in the future!

Like we had back on our 100th release, we have another survey for those interested! Some questions are repeated from the previous survey, but there are a bunch of new ones as well. Your responses could change how we do some things in the future, so if you would like to give your input, you can take that survey by clicking right here.

We also have a new torrent available as a convenient way to grab all 200 of our releases.
You can download that right here.
Special thanks to Rika-chama for helping with the torrent and to Chansu for putting all the releases together.

As for this release – our special occasion MadoHomu trend continues, and we have an awesome doujin for your reading entertainment.


Rating: Non-H / SFW [[Note – Partial nudity during a bath scene]]

(C84) [Forest Village (Ayukko)] We Went On Our Honeymoon – First Chapter (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Download: Mega | Uploaded | 4Shared

[Read Online]

Yes, there is a part two, and yes we will be working on it soon.

21 comments on “Release 200: Madopurgisnacht

  1. Your survey is so interesting and somehow dangerous with some questions ^^.

    Btw, happy 200th releases. You guys are amazing :). Hope to see more and more wonderful doujin from you guys.

    • I tried to be careful with how I worded the more dangerous ones. But it’s info I’d like to know since a few of them have been brought up in discussions on /u/.

      • Oh, I see. Actually, those gray mention below questions made my eyes O_O, and I was like “What the…?”. But creating a sort of survey like this is something very thoughtful and considerate of you guys. Always care about readers. That’s why I think Yuri-ism is a special site besides others.

        Thank you. :). Can’t wait for the next release.

  2. >No YuixAyano option
    What a shitty survey 0/10 would not fill out.

    Also expecting me to have an opinion on favorite/least favorite release would require me to remember a significant number of them…

  3. Big congratulations on another milestone reached. Sure seems like a long time now since l4k! Also another good survey too. Took me quite a while to check through every one of your releases on my drive to try to narrow down my top picks, and it’s hard to suggest a single pairing that both needs some attention and isn’t so obscure that there is probably no material in existence.

    I’ll look forward to seeing what results you get! Good luck with the holidays.

  4. 200 Already? Wow, time sure flies! Thank you very much for your super awesome work thus far,Yuri-ism! I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I see a new release from you guys, my day become totally brighter!
    Also, thank you for this awesome doujin, a great pick for a milestone like this if I may say.

  5. CONGRATS! 200th release?! That’s a really big accomplishment. You guys make my life amazing, I can’t get through a weekend without any Yuri, so thanks! Keep up your work! Yuri is the most purest thing and you sure proved that!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. Congratulations! I am very happy for another HomuxMado release, with an awesome art style.
    Thank you guys for all you guys did until now, we are really glad.

  7. Thanks for two hundred releases of delightful yuri!
    Fantastic doujin to celebrate number 200! Definitely looking forward to part 2!
    I bet Kyoko and Sayaka are lovin it up in the room next door at the end!!! HA!

  8. As of 200 milestone here’s a cheer to all who made yuri-ism happen, as when almost all hope in yuri world is lost this site rise like a second sun in my life.
    I’m f-ing love you guys f-love this site, although this my first comment i’ve been creeping in here(near) since even yuri-ism still a part from kaoru. You guys complete my daily dose of yuri, thank you guys i’m f-ing love you all.. did i say i love you all again? doesn’t matter i f-ing love you

  9. Trying to decide favorite yuri-ism release. The torture…

    Well, anyways, congrats on 200 releases! Been here from the start and I don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon. You’ve got my support!

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