Release 192: Love Live Loving 2

I’m doing some renovating to the lewd meter. I originally made it as a means to help easily identify the contents of the doujin before you actually read it.  It was a feature suggested by a few people during our last survey. I thought by adding 5 tiers to pick from I could narrow it down so that people who only wanted to read the most sfw stuff were happy, and the people who only want to read nsfw were happy as well. In the end, the 5 lewd system ended up just being more confusing and too subjective to be of much help.

So I’m considering just using 3 options now. Non-H, Ecchi, and Hentai. You can click Madoka for a better description of the three. With us nearing 200 releases now, I want to make sure I organize our releases in the best way possible. So if you have any suggestions for what we should do, please let us know. We’re also considering adding content tags to our releases as well, such as… “Kissing” “Holding hands” “Tribadism” etc etc… What do you guys think?


mado lewd meter 3

(C84) [Waterfall (Takano Saku)] Sweet Punishment (Love Live!) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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