18 comments on “Release 202: Nico and Maki are Lewd

  1. This was a pleasant surprise! these NicoMaki doujins just keep getting better. COCOA BREAK has done it again. Panda Nico is very cute

  2. “What is this creature here?”

    First is Madoka, now is Nico-chan. And Maki, you’re pervvvvvv=]]. Seriously, I will buy everything to get those SIF cards. Thank you Yuri-ism, let’s get more NicoMaki’s love from Sweet Pea. Thank you so much :).

  3. Awww.. I want to start my life with SIF like Oshima Tomo ;A;~ Panda Nico is so cuteeee and Cat Maki, too. Somebody needs to make a real Yuri anime for them ;A;.

    Anw, thank you guys for the great release ever. ❤

  4. Wow, surprise NicoMaki by Sweet Pea & COCOA BREAK (Ooshima Tomo). Fuck yeah! Perfect finish to my cake day!

    I don’t care much for animal girls, but I think Nico is best girl!

  5. Oh Yuri-ism you guys are so amazing you guys never stop amazing me keep up the great work! I really liked this dojin it was cute haha all the nice costumes. I think Cat Maki was cutest 😛

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