Release 205: Earth Girls Chapters 4 and 5

We finally get to learn a little about Kidaha’s past in this double release of prehistoric yuri. As usual, a joint project with Team Vanilla.

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(C84) [peachpulsar (Mira)] Earth Girls (Original) [English] =TV & Yuri-ism=

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[Read Chapter 4 Online]

[Read Chapter 5 Online]

16 comments on “Release 205: Earth Girls Chapters 4 and 5

  1. Thanks for the release! May I ask, does Earth Girls end with Chapter 7? or it’s a more than one volume sort of thing? o A o

  2. Yea! More Earth Girls! Thank You! This is one of the most original Yuri series I have ever read. Seems to have everything. Great art, story, character development. Short haired tomboys. Silent loli’s, happy loli’s, mysterious lolis. And a time period I don’t remember ever read about before.

  3. I like this! Original ideas and lovely girls. Of course they all need hunting lessons, I guess boys can do a few things better than girls after all 🙂 They’re lucky they didn’t get killed, actually.

  4. So Io was not able to handle Kidaha’s sex desire, so she said she could share her love with other girls, it’s a shame, they are really cute together and have a cute story, also seems that Kidaha really loves Io.

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