10 comments on “Release 207: Yuri Concerto

  1. I can feel like Sanya is in yandere mood after all ^A^, especially page 22… Good girl, Eila. Looking for more doujins form you guys, thank you so much <3.

  2. Awesome job guys–Thanks!

    So how IS Strike Witches? Worth the watch? And how thick do my yuri goggles have to be in order to ship this pairing?

    • You should watch Strike witches, definitely! It’s not much of a plot, it’s a lot of fanservice and yuri subtext and it’s fun! Sanya x Eila is probably the easiest to ship, taking into account how Eila is obviously in love with Sanya but there are a lot of other couple possibilities and no need for yuri goggles, trust me 😉 give it a try you won’t regret it.

  3. Finally! Let the Strike Witches doujins come!!
    I hope you guys release some Hartmann / Barkhron, you have no idea how deprived I am of that ship! 😀

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