12 comments on “Release 214: A KyoSaya Christmas

  1. I noticed that everyone hates Hitomi for making Sayaka suffer but have you ever thought that she took the fag so that Kyoko could get Sayaka?
    I don’t hate her that much anymore.
    Also, this was awesome! Thanks guys! If it’s possible to die from Yuri overdose, that’s how I wanna go.

  2. very cute. I noticed Mami got some KFC. She must of waited in line forever to get that. I hear kentucky fried chicken is a big deal in Japan and you have to order it months in advance for Christmas..

  3. Daw, they waited under the tree for Mami…

    KyoSaya for Christmas?! And its Momoya Chika?! Santa IS real. Thank you guys and happy holidays!

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