12 comments on “Release 225: Yuri Drinking Party

  1. I’m so glad that i only get a bit tipsy after a entire bottle of wine XD also odd thing to ask probably but is there any KyoSaya doujins or pics with them in a student teacher situation (like how some couples do) i really wanna see Kyoko dressed up like a teacher with glasses in front of Sayaka XD

  2. Am I the only one who wish they will have a little bit nsfw scene *rolling in the deep*? Ruruu-sensei draws girls so beautiful and thei bodies :”>. Thanks you guys for the release xD.

    • It’s not looking good. The artist for it never went to C85 and they’ve stated they weren’t interested in going to C86 as well. If Anemone 3 ever happens it probably won’t be for awhile. I wouldn’t be surprised if it never actually happens now.

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