19 comments on “Release 227: Non Non Biyori

      • Candy Store and Ren-chan are great, I thought they were super cute together and loved the episodes where they were the main focus. But what just took place is something I could never have imagined. I read it twice to make sure I had in fact seen everything I thought I’d seen.

  1. I can’t say this was the first pairing I expected to see a doujin of but it is a pleasant surprise to get a doujin with them at all, their interactions were rather cute in the anime. Thanks for the release.

    • I agree with you, yuri-ism breaking “*.It has to be Yuri. NO MEN.” rule that said on https://yuri-ism.com/translation-requests/ !,

      @nandeyanen can you please reupload this doujin on Mega, Uploade d, DepositFiles and exhentai without that 2 het omake pics on page 21 & 24,
      and please don’t make same mistake again on the future release, and never translate & upload any yuri doujin that has a single het omake pic!!

      • I removed the pages from the online reader. As for re-uploading copies of it without the pages, I don’t think it will do any good at this point. Ex also wouldn’t allow me omit pages from a doujin.

        Sometimes in the past I have omitted pages from a doujin for the download on our blog. But in this case my DL links are for both this site and Team Vanilla. So I will not censor that version. In the future I will attempt to warn in such a scenario, but I make no guarantee that I’ll remember.

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