Release 255: Yuri Butts

Finally, Red x Black!

It’s too bad Vividred didn’t get more yuri attention, but this one has a good page count and some nice smut scenes so it sorta makes up for it.



(C85) [JUNK STORY (Michairu)] Hearts (Vividred Operation) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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14 comments on “Release 255: Yuri Butts

  1. Thanks for the release, always good to mix it up a bit.

    >It’s too bad Vividred didn’t get more yuri attention

    Can’t be helped. People have joked about notMadoka with other series, but Vividred was REALLY, genuinely notMadoka, and done poorly on balance. So despite some catchy music it ended up just not having the magic or staying power overall. Still, had some decent elements so still nice to see it get a bit of yuri attention.

    • i have honestly never seen it but i put failed magical girl anime in 3 categories: not madoka, not nanoha, not precure
      before i ask which category you would say this was in, the anime are in order of demographic (precure being aimed heavily towards kids), level of darkness (nanoha and madoka are almost tied because tbh nanoha can be dark when it wants to be if you just look at fates backstory but madoka wins because everybody keeps dying and it keeps resetting) and personal enjoyment (if we take away rebellion for making homura a yandere), so im guessing vivired was trying too hard to be dark and something different?

      • I’d call this more of a not Nanoha in this case then. There’s more of a parallel with the magical technology and I just feel Rei is closer to Fate than Homura (if we have to compare them) for a bunch of reasons that I could probably go on to write a whole essay trying to describe. So I won’t.

  2. Considering I didn’t ship anyone as strongly as WakaHima, wasn’t too hyped for this, ashamed I didn’t. This is one of the most beautiful doujins I’ve read. Thanks a lot for this upload.

  3. “Rei-chan!? You even surprised the readers!” I laughed so hard at that!
    Thanks! This was surprisingly good!

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