Release 257: KyoSaya Pillow Talk

It’s been a while since we did some KyoSaya smut. I guess this should make up for it considering it’s just about cover-to-cover sex!



(C84) [Energia (Pikachi)] A Strategic Report of Our Pillow Talk (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
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27 comments on “Release 257: KyoSaya Pillow Talk

  1. pg 13: “I’m glad I feell in love with you”. (is this a combination of feel and fell? is this a new word?)

      • yeah i guess, you guys do great jobs translating but if the dialogue isn’t up to par from the start then that isn’t your fault 😛

        • The issue is that on several occasions a single sentence would be split between 6-8 bubbles, and sometimes go through multiple pages. I put off translating this for so long because of how obnoxious it was to work through. There is only so much fluff I can add to all the extra bubbles before it starts to get ridiculous.

  2. Just when I was having the best day ever,,,,you go and make it better by sharing a KyouSaya doujin. You people are too great, THANKYU!!!

    (Sorry that you’re sad, doujin-chan. But it couldn’t have been helped.)

  3. Each time I thought it was the end they were like yes again!
    Thanks for the surprisingly sweet KyoSaya porn!
    This did a lot for my soulgem too!

  4. Wanted: Cover to cover sex
    Expected: Cover to cover sex
    Got: Cover to cover sex

    I can confirm this doujinshi lives up to your claim. Great work.

  5. *Before reading : ” well, this might be a good doujin ”
    After reading: *head explodes because of moeness*
    Hope to see more from this artist soon.
    Thank you Yuri-ism ! xD

  6. *bows* Thank you very much for this great release.
    May Kyouko and Sayaka always stay together and give us lots of doujins~

  7. Praise The Lord \( ^ ~ ^ )/ Another rare encounter with lewd Kyosaya, my favorite shipping of all time ❤

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