23 comments on “Release 262: Island Girls

  1. awesomw work!!!!!! do u know where I could get the raw of this doujinshi???? as always nice work.. Thanks! 🙂

  2. OOOOOOH YEAAAH! A Mira doujin serie!!! Please please pleeeeeaaase moaaaaar!!! ^^

    I so love the art and the scenarios of Mira!!

    Thank you sooo much for finding it and working on it, it must be lot of work and you still share it with us! Domo arigato gosaimasu *lowing my head really low*

  3. So I just read these 2 chapters and there is more to come
    Favorite yuri artist
    Favorite yuri scanlation group
    June is looking bright

  4. This is good, and I crave for more… which sucks if i have to wait, gnah
    *uses patience potion thingy*

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