Release 270: Final Minase

RIP! Unless Minase Ruruu deviates from her current manga series, this will be//is the final doujin from her. It’s too bad she was never that big into lewds, I’d love to see some Strike Witches cosplay sexy time with these two.



(C79) [GracheGrache (Minase Ruruu)] Heart Throbbing After-school (Original) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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19 comments on “Release 270: Final Minase

  1. Hmm… Is “western style maids” really correct on page 5? Since it combines kimono and apron (or Japanese and western cultures, as she also explains), wouldn’t it be a Japanese style maid?

  2. ….On one hand this is the last doujin; but on the other, there’s her manga series…. Argh, why must there only be 24 hours in a day?!?!?

    Heh, Yamamura is hilariously awesome. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the release! Man, this might not have had any lewd, but even as a guy I had a distinct physiological experience that I’d be getting wet as a girl on the sequence from page 18-19. Fucking weird, lol. But seriously, this was great and intense.

    Regarding Ruruu’s doujin activities, are you certain she’ll stop releasing them? Her homepage seems to mention that GrazieGrazie is in the process of applying for summer and winter Comiket. Although I admit to being curious about her series too, I’m much more attached to her stories like these. It certainly would be a shame if with her regular series now that’s the end of them.

  4. I love love love this! Really do!
    Got completely caught up and it felt so perfect!
    Serious thanks for this one!

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