Release 289: The World is Full of


At least in this one doujin. It’s too bad this series seems to have been mostly ignored by doujin artists. I blame you, shipgirls and love live!

Starting with this release we will be changing the way we rate our SFWs. From now on, a rating of “1” will be reserved for only the most pure of doujins. 1’s will have light kissing, handholding, and other super fluffy stuff. A rating of 2 will now be given to doujins with more intimate situations, and will have anything from bra/pantsu to full blown nudity, but still no explicit sex. If you would like to give us your opinion on this change or on how we could do it better, please leave a comment below!



[Amecyan (Kuuho Saijou Mikan)] The World is Full of Love (Akuma no Riddle) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (Direct Download)
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19 comments on “Release 289: The World is Full of

  1. Amazing, this is my OTP,they really are cute together, I’m glad they are together now! Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys do!!!

  2. So glad to see a AnR doujin translated, thanks yuri ism. It included alot of the other assassins in it too which is nice. Poor suzu and kouko were ignored. But I do like the new rating scale, and hope you translate more AnR doujins in the future. Preferably focused on the other pairings.

  3. Very good AnR doujin, thanks.

    This rating of 2 was very misleading, it got me expecting ToukaHaru going to second base when all we got was shiena’s underboobs. SO MEAN!

  4. Thank you for the translation!

    Personally I’m a fan of the suggested new rating system. Seems like it will be much easier to see what I’m downloading from a glance.

  5. Finally a AnR doujin, thank you so much >.<
    I'm really looking forward to a lewd version from this series though~

  6. Thanks a lot for translating! Excuse me, may I repost the picture source to Weibo and Tieba for Chinese fandoms? I’ll note the source and forbid reposting secondly.

  7. That was good! The strange thing on y’alls releases is that I have been using this very same classification for awhile now! So got to say I love it. Since there really is only 3 general levels in my mind Non-H Ecchi and Adult (NSFW). And kudos on the Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing wallpaper and banner.

  8. For whatever reason this series never did anything for me.
    I enjoyed the doujin though. Especially the first page! hehe! Thanks!

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