Release 294: Sayaka is in Despair!

This is the first of our double release tonight. I will give a warning for this, just as I did with HomuSaya. If you’re serious about your ships, or don’t like reading drama stuff, don’t read this… or it will leave you in despair!

For everyone else, enjoy!



[Kinokodomo (Kinoko H’)] Delete (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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24 comments on “Release 294: Sayaka is in Despair!

  1. Damn it, that description feels like it’s directed at me.Not that the title is any better.
    Guess I’ll just skim through like I did with the previous 2 for stupid curiosity’s sake, break a couple walls, then go fully read the pure MH one,

  2. Thank you for this! Hitomi! And the paradoxical it-doesn’t-matter-if-you-like-me,-if-I-don’t-like-myself attitude Sayaka attacks Kyouko with. It was fun!

    And now the haters will burn me alive…

    • Yes it is fun. Yuri-ISM warned us what is coming. Just read it with an open mind and take it with humor how ridicules the characters are.

  3. Wow! The drama is really good!
    I was preparing for the worst but it turned out to be a very interesting examination of the darker aspects of attraction. Sayaka has been especially prone to these kinds of feelings, projecting them both inward on herself and outward on others.
    I have to admit SayaTomi is a dirty nasty little pairing that secretly excites me! Nothing like KyoSaya of course. There’s very little actual love here.
    And of course the Homu factor! Even though I saw it coming it rates extremely high on the scale of things I love!

    This one is definitely not for most people. Those who disliked Rebellion should absolutely stay away. But I will say a big thank you. THANK YOU! <- see, it's big. 🙂

  4. An interesting twist into despair yuri. It appears Sayaka ‘remembers’ the hatred and jealousy she harbored for Hitomi. Without complete knowledge, and in Homura’s world where desires rule, this kind of drama isn’t unthinkable. I’ve always felt like Hitomi gets too much of a free ride without ever truly knowing the despair of Sayaka. If nothing else, you can pass this off as some kind of despair trickery by Homura. “No one will become a witch in this world… no matter how dark they become”.

    I just want to say I appreciate Yuri-ism trying to keep things interesting. Hope to see more of this type of thing. We need something to balance out the happier stories. (Insert laughing Urobuchi here.)

  5. The content was good but the art was pretty mediocre, too bad you can’t have everything.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sayaka started acting this way tbh…

    • The content was bad, and the art was worse. Bad things tend to group together.

      If you think Sayaka would ever act like this you understood nothing about her character, to be honest.

  6. This was interesting. I didn’t care for it especially, but seeing Hitomi get some action was new, and I kind of like that the artist didn’t even try to emulate the art style of the source material even if I didn’t actually like the art much. Not quite for me, but worth looking at. More weird stuff like this please, I guess.

  7. i totally love it!! i only hate the art style T_T it makes sayaka and everyone look ugly.. if u have another drama like this and homusaya (if they have part 2), plz release them 🙂 ignore the haters

  8. This was okay, just the art was a bit meh. Thanks for the release! I liked the other release with homura and sayaka a lot more.

    Remember, this is all fan-made art, so people can do w/e they want with the characters…..

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