Release 301: Love and Boat Marriage

I wonder if there will be any legit yuri in the kancolle anime, or if all the girls will just be slobbering over the admiral. Please Godoka, show us the light!

For those who might not have noticed it yet, we have a torrent available with all 300 of our releases. You can get that torrent here.



[Ichinose (Hakui Ami)] As Long As You Say It’s Okay, Kitakami-san… (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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17 comments on “Release 301: Love and Boat Marriage

  1. More Kancolle Yuri~ \(^o^)/ Thankyu~
    I really should study up on Kancolle sometime soon. These Yuri doujins of the series are amongst my favorites.
    Really hope the series is undertone-filled and not a pointless harem for the admiral.

  2. Preview pic almost made me think it was a NoriShima doujin… KitaOoi is just as good!

    …Wow, I really liked the way this one dealt with the marriage system. I ended up dropping Kancolle for other reasons a couple weeks before it got implemented, but the admiral-centric focus of the marriage system is part of what’s stopping me from picking it up again.

    Thanks for the release!

  3. Thanks for this delicious KitaOoi doujin. Every time I see a nice Kancolle Yuri doujin, I just eat it right up. I am never full! When it comes to the marriage system, I always prefer to think of it as my ships marrying each other, rather than the whole admiral marriage aspect, so this artist definitely made my day. Looking forward to seeing more Kantai from Yuri-ism, thanks a bunch!

  4. I just bought a physical copy of this! Thanks, Yuri-ism!

    As for the anime… I think (hope) it’ll at least be full of yuri undertones. Who knows, with this studio, and this director.

    Oh, and Sol… I ended up marrying girls in pairs and telling myself that it was like this manga, they’re just marrying each other and giving me the stat benefits!

  5. Good timing, Kitakami and Ooi just got confirmed for the anime

    I hear that they’ve said the admiral won’t be in the anime at all, though haven’t been able to verify

  6. Admiral: “Kitakami, would you like to marry Ooi? You two get along well.” Kit: “Yeah, sure, why the hell not.” Fantasy everybody. And I love it.

  7. Yay for KitaOoi~ Heh heh, poor class-mates.

    There seems to be indications the anime will be going the admiral-less or minor character route, but full details aren’t around. Naturally, most of the PR is the anime character designs, which don’t feature an admiral as of yet.

    Thanks for the release!

  8. I know this is not the right place to complain, but I have nowhere left to turn. The torrent starts “waiting” instead of downloading every time it reaches about 12%. What da hell?

    • It’s been put up on a couple seedboxes now. Try refreshing it or using a different torrent program if nothing seems to work. I tested it myself and was able to download it fully.

  9. this was an interesting take on the marriage system,

    good guy admiral, maybe he’s secretly shipping Ooi x Kitakami

    now I’m really worried about the anime, I do hope it doesn’t fall into harem category, we have too much of those already. Even if everyone has been saying admiral won’t be animated or will have a minor role, I still feel some doubt. Expecting some yuri subtext though haha >.<

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