17 comments on “Release 305: Forgetful Idols

  1. Simply amazing!! it has so natural feeling, to make a comic about texting and to show their romance in such a real life situation. It’s so easy to imagine Honoka, Maki, Nico and the rest as high school girls doing so!! sorry i’m just amazed by this. Huge Thank you Yurism Team!! You made my day!! 🙂

  2. Oh my god!! Thanks!!!! This doujin is super cute!!! Honoka is sooooo silly xD I love this couple! We need more Tsubasa x Honoka! ><

  3. Thanks you guys, this was so lovely. I like so much this couple, the way that Tsubasa is cool but she really is crazy about Honoka, sooo cutee!!

  4. It seems there was a continuation of this that was just released and there may be a third one in this series. Will you be doing that or those if they continue after the third one?

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