Release 315: Delinquent Demon Girls

Happy Halloween!

We don’t have any candy to offer you, but we do have some deliciously sweet original yuri. And it’s holiday appropriate! This book had the most amount of words I’ve ever translated in a single volume. Enjoy your pseudo Japanese history lesson! I will also mention that the artist is planning a sequel for this.



[rontorl (Jiroumaru Itsuki)] The Festival of Demons – A Cunning Chance Encounter [English] [Yuri-ism]

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20 comments on “Release 315: Delinquent Demon Girls

    • Hmm, yea it is kind of clunky sounding. I don’t think it is technically wrong though. This doujin honestly was a nightmare for our proofreaders, I’m hoping it’s at least void of any major glaring mistakes.

    • It felt too much like an info dump rather then learning about the world naturally in my opinion but i guess its just a different taste?

      • Well, for science fiction story i like to be immersed, to be pulled, to be indulged in their world regardless whether it is a doujin or a novel. Im a sucker for sci-fi story, like you say it is a matter of taste.

  1. Woah, this one seems crazy to translate, I admire your job!
    I liked it, and now I’m waiting for more xD

    Thanks for the good work!
    Happy halloween! /o/

  2. LOVED the first chapter, and I really like all the back story. Really hope the author makes this a series, even if it’s just a volume. In the afterword the author says “details that I will be explaining in future chapters,” chapters being plural, so I assume this will be a short series and not just a two-parter. Thanks for all the hard work in translating this, REALLY looking forward to future chapter(s).

    • Also, I added a description to the MangaUpdates page, but feel free to change it if you’ve got something better. Just hate leaving the description blank for series I like.

  3. I respect any author that just admits that they dumped a lot of information out on the reader and apologizes, got a new reader

  4. People always say they dislike info dumps but I personally don’t mind them that much if it creates the background setting/world. Also looking forward to the sequel(s?) quite a bit ūüôā thanks for this awesome release.

  5. Wow! Just wanted to say how interesting this one is and I realize it’s been forever since it got released… Well thanks!

  6. Quite interesting. The next chapter are planned to be translated? Pleaaaase, if that is the case, it would be wonderfull!

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