8 comments on “Release 320: NanoFate Wedding

  1. Pretty cute doujin, like everything from MekiMeki, I loved it.

    Thanks a lot for translating this, I’ll post it in our nanofate.us in a couple of minutes. We also have raws of MekiMeki’s 不完全燃燒 in case that you want to see this short doujin and maybe translate it, if you are interested just send me a mail so I can give you the link.

  2. Reading this has made me think how many yuri wedding doujins have you guys actually scanlated and released? i’m know i’m being a pain when i say this but there needs to also be MadoHomu, KyoSaya, MamiBebe, NagiHono and SakiMai ones too 🙂

    Ahh what do i do? because marriage doujins for those couples haven’t been released my SG is getting corrupted but thanks to this doujin it’s getting cleaned in fact there should be more NagiHono doujins and there’s also hardly any SakiMai ones about the only SakiMai one i’ve seen that has any yuri in it also has a Mai’s brother taking part in it 😦

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