7 comments on “Release 338: Stripping for Donuts

  1. Since you’ve now done two stories from Mebae Vol. 1, can we expect any more from this godly yuri anthology? I personally found the Flowerchild story to be so super-super sweet, I can only hope you guys could consider it. The Kobato Neneko story was great too (yuri + identical twins, hnng).

    Thanks for reading 🙂 and thanks so much Yuri-ism for all these releases

  2. Ooo new mangaka (for y’all at least). The girls were hot and the art work was good. But honestly it needed either more story or more sex. It’s rare that I would buy based on artwork alone if it was just ecchi. So needs more to it than just tension. This would be one I would look at the table then put down than buy.

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