Release 344: Find Your Future, Get Homu Tears

This was Bakadomo’s very first meguca doujin. It’s neat to see how his art has steadily gotten better ever since!

[Fixed page 20]


(C80) [bakadomo. (Ryuunosuke)] We Found Our Lost Future (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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9 comments on “Release 344: Find Your Future, Get Homu Tears

  1. probably this is a bother, but pg 20 has “was” repeated twice.

    “certainly, kaname-san’s wish was was made with very strong convictions”

  2. I just got this doujin irl. Bakadomo always does such great work! Thanks for the release.

    Although… all these happy ending doujinshis… I kind of want to see a “happy” ending doujinshi with PTSD.

  3. on the page 20 there is a small mistake in translation, Kyouko is not asking whether Mami is an insect or not but whether she is ignoring her. The word むし has several meanings 虫- insect and 無視-ignore. hope it will help 🙂

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