4 comments on “Release 355: Lilies x Blossoms

  1. From a nervous first kiss directly into sex… sounds about right!… Wouldn’t those hook-petal-thingies on the end of the wands cause… trouble… when moving em around in there? lol

    Aaanyways, Oimo has a somewhat odd style, but I love it. Also love that in the works I’ve seen from the artist both of the characters show happiness when they are doing it instead of only shyness like in most hentai.

  2. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a TsuboYuri doujin before it actually made a nice change from the TsuboErika ones i usually read also i don’t recall reading any of Oimo’s other works before but perhaps it’s just my memory

  3. Thank you for this. Are there any more Citron doujins going to be translated? I found one that isn’t, well I didn’t find it but I know where one is. Still he/she is excelent and I’m just wondering if there are any doujins planned to be released in the future.

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