Release 357: Fox Girls Return

A sneaky Fox Girls release out of nowhere! We wanted to get this out yesterday and keep with the theme of “Fox Girl Friday” but a Saturday is fine too.

Too bad we don’t have enough of them to do every Friday. Hope you all enjoy!


[Hatishiro (Itou Hachi)] Chiyo-chan’s Marriage [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism

[Read Online]

22 comments on “Release 357: Fox Girls Return

  1. Whoaa!! Great !! but….another doujin about a child x adult relationship, seems like the author has a propensity for this slightly awkward theme . but is great anyway 😉

  2. Snow of Spring, The Forest Where the Goddess Lives and now this. Itou Hachi has realy been in the mood for age gap stuff.

  3. a lot of age gap manga in general is.. unappealing because of how they portray the characters, but this author really makes it pure and lovable.

  4. More than double the age, incest-like and lesbians.
    It’s fun how something this cute could potentially offend so many people.

  5. Love it ❤ The age gap doesn't really bother me since I've met couple with huge age gap, as long as their feelings is mutual. And the author really know how to keep this pure hearted so it's all good.

  6. >tfw reading this while in a 15 yr age gap relationship
    An unexpected surprise I guess? We’re both adults though so it’s ok we don’t have fox ears.

  7. I cringed for a moment when I considered the child bride concept but as long as they’re waiting for her to be older then it’s fine. Very cute story.

  8. Hatishiro’s stuff tends to include an age gap element but 15 years is quite the leap. I’m not into such a large age gap but Hatishiro’s can make anything pure. Loved this!

  9. the omake had me in stitches XD I didnt expect chi-chan to have that kind of side to her. fun read, really liking this artist

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