9 comments on “Release 372: Honkers, a little bird, and the sea

  1. Yeah…… I don’t really think this is just ecchi.

    Besides that, really cute KotoHona one, maybe it will get a second part showing what happens at the end

  2. What an amazing way to start my day, waking up to find a new release on Yuri-ism ^_^
    This was waaaay cute, chirp.
    Thanks for your hard work translating, as always ūüôā

    • Forgive me for saying this, but can you at least don’t ask that? Can’t you see how many KotoUmi doujin that had been released? Do you know what the ratio is between translated KotoUmi works and HonoKoto works? Please think about HonoKoto fans (like me) before asking such a question *please*!

      Putting that aside, I see that my request had finally answered. Thank you very much, Yuri-ism! You don’t know how great a day this had made for me! Once again, thank you! (And sorry for the above paragraph, I just…couldn’t restrain myself, forgive me…I don’t regret having said that though)

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