Release 375: Sexually Frustrated Office Ladies part 3

I definitely did not see a development like this coming. Can’t wait for chapter 4!

For those of you who were also following Kurogane Ken’s “Persona Karen” from Mebae, unfortunately there was no new chapter in the latest volume. We were originally planning on release chapters 3 and 4 at once, since chapter 3 is only 6 pages long. There is no release date set for Mebae 5 yet, so we could release chapter 3 on it’s own, but I’m not sure how satisfying a 6 page chapter would be. Let us know what you think!



[Ono Hiroki] Mayonaka Yonaka No Accept ch. 3 (Mebae Vol.4 – Vivid Girls Love Anthology) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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12 comments on “Release 375: Sexually Frustrated Office Ladies part 3

  1. Uhh, about page 14…that stuff between their boobs, is this comic saying they came so hard the pussy juice went up their bodies to their chests? That’s…that’s silly. Oh, and thank you for another release.

  2. Thanks for the release…also…awww no, I miss newbie, I’m not good with names hehe, I want her to be the only one to bring joy to senpai!

  3. Aww man. Don’t leave us hanging like this
    And to the Persona Karen thing, I think you guys should just wait for the next release and do ch 3 & 4 together. More satisfying that way :3

  4. omg this so much hype

    I was silently screaming “don’t do it!” on page 12. Drama ensued.
    pleasantly waiting for Chapter 4 =u=

    have I mentioned I love you guys

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