Release 379: A Trip to the Hot Springs

Never thought it would take us nearly 400 releases to finally do a MariMite doujin! I missed out on getting this doujin years ago, and have been searching on online shops for it ever since. I’m glad I finally managed to find a copy, it was worth the wait!

Ringo has been with us a while now, but this will be her first credited release. Congrats on becoming a real Yuri-ism!



(C80) [Konpeitou Koubou (Marine)] Blue Moon (Maria-sama ga Miteru) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (DDL)
[Read Online]

*Additional QC provided by Firelily*

12 comments on “Release 379: A Trip to the Hot Springs

  1. Those guys at the beginning must have some potent gaydar if they thought the 2 girls were lesbians with a simple hello hug.

    Anyways, awesome stuff. Delightful read 😀

  2. Awesome! I’ve been checking every Japanese online shop I can think of for months looking for this doujin. There aren’t many copies around it seems.

    By any chance, you wouldn’t happen to have seen a Yotsubato! Asagi x Torako doujin by the same author? I’ve been searching for that one too, but no luck so far. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

  3. Wasn’t expecting a Marimite doujin at all. I’ve always been meaning to go through the series but the animation art style turns me off. If the wincest is as sweet as in the doujin I might just overcome my aversion….

    Lol Eph.

    Thanks for the release as always. And grats to Ringo for getting credited!

    • It’s not wincest per say. It is a school tradition in Marimite for seniors to take a junior under their wing, referring to each other as sisters.

      Honestly, I would say don’t let the art style get in the way. I had the same problem as you, but after the first few episodes you hardly notice. It’s one hell of a ride.

      • Oh I see, haha, yeah that threw me off instead of the traditional senpai-kouhai thing then. Yup, I’ve decided to check out the series in a week or so, and since I hate dropping things I’ll end up watching it all regardless of my preference. Thanks!

  4. And double thanks for translating the afterward. When I see that much handwritten text together, I just think “no way” and close the book.

  5. Personally I never cared for Maria Watch Over Us. I prefer Strawberry Panic instead. Though I did love the blooper extras on Maria Watch Over Us.

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