Release 394: This Touhou is Not Ryouko

I still can’t remember her name. What was it again? It’ll forever be Not-Ryouko to me!

We also have a sparkly NEW FEATURE!! to announce as of this post. Instead of individual widgets, we will now be using a public Trello board to display all of the projects we are currently working on. It’ll automatically display some projects that are currently in QC over on the side panel. But if you click it, you’ll be able to see our whole workflow! Be sure to check it out if that sort of thing interests you.



(C87) (Hanasameyashiro [Hisame]) Little Happiness (Touhou Project) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism (DDL)
[Read Online]

3 comments on “Release 394: This Touhou is Not Ryouko

  1. Not-Ryuko. That was also my first reaction upon seeing the character in Touhou 14. I mean, seriously, ZUN, what?

    On a side note, cute little doujin. The Touhou ones are some of my favourite.

  2. Eh whats this? a Touhou Dojin with Seija in it? now that is very rare wow Yurism you found gold here anything with Seija in it I am in this is the first Seija pairing I have seen. Need more Seija dojins find moooore.

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