Release 397: Mismatch Girls Part 1

Girl with height complex reunites with her separated-since-childhood niece. Said niece is now a tall bombshell.

There will be 2 parts to this story, we have the 2nd one in cleaning now. Hope you enjoy!



[Mytyl] Mismatch Girls, Pt 1 (L -Ladies & Girls Love- 03) [English] [Yuri-ism]

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
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16 comments on “Release 397: Mismatch Girls Part 1

  1. Except for the very end, when else was it ever mentioned that it was her niece? It really surprised me there, Itsuki seemed like she was just a few years older

  2. Hiiiii-!
    It was a nice story, yes, but I’ll never be able to tolerate ridiculously sized breasts… They just put me off so much…

  3. この漫画家のスタイル、すっごく気に入った!同人誌だけども、本当に面白かった。ねえ、このサイトのホストさんたちよ、この漫画家に「この漫画が第十話まで続いても、僕が構いません」という気持ちをどうにか伝えてくださいませんか?

  4. Can`t wait for part 2!! this on was really great!! but my gosh! Nina what the hack wow!! she is tall!! dang! she could easily lift Itsuki into the air too! wow! girl got big!

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