Release 420: Blaze it

Strike Witches love is alive and well! Our WW2 air plane hint on trello probably wasn’t that hard to guess. Tomorrow’s release has something to do with a fox… I wonder what that could be? Maybe it’s more Strike Witches?

I guess we’ll find out then!



(C88) [Mimishiki (Mimishiki)] Chu Chu Lips (Strike Witches) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit Page Source: Pixiv

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
[Read Online]

8 comments on “Release 420: Blaze it

  1. I’ve never posted comments on here before, but this was really bothering me, so I had to say something… I don’t know if it was the original author who put the Russian in, but it’s incorrect and quite awkward (Russian is my first language, so that’s how I know). The very first thing she says is “Благодарю вас” which literally means “Thanking you”, so “sorry for the trouble” just seems out of place there. “Помогите” just means “help”, so the “save me” translation is a bit more understandable. “Очень вкусно” means “Very delicious”. The part that killed me was when she said “Понял” which is the masculine form of “understood”. I got scared and thought that she was secretly a boy in disguise. Hahahaha. The correct word should have been “Поняла”. It’s just an extra letter, but it makes a huge difference. Then she says “да” which simply means “yes”. If they wanted to say “understood” then they should have said “Поняла”. Finally, she says “Благодарю вас”, but it seems really awkward because it’s so formal. The simple word for “thank you” which is “спасибо” would have been better for that. Anyway, that’s that I had to say. Other than that, it was a good manga. I enjoy your site. ^^ Hooray for yuri~

  2. This is the best SW doujin I have ever seen!
    May I have the raw, please? I want to translate it to my language.

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