Release 426: Is My Hobby Lewd 3

We’ve had Fox Girls, Strike Witches, Mira doujins, but we all know you’ve really been waiting for more BUTTS. Well here it is!

I also want to announce we’re going to have a special twist on Christmas. There will be 2 releases instead of one! On Christmas there will be a new cute doujin for you all to enjoy. Unless of course, you’ve been bad!

Naughty kids will be getting their own release. That one will be quite interesting if I say so myself. Remember, Santa’s made that list and checked it twice.



[Comaku] Is My Hobby Weird? ch3 (L -Ladies & Girls Love- 06) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit Page Source: Pixiv

Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
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21 comments on “Release 426: Is My Hobby Lewd 3

  1. This whole time I’ve been wondering how they are constantly fucking in bathrooms without bothering anyone and figured it was just yuri/hentai magic, but I guess I was wrong!

  2. >Itou NTR
    I really hope this is just some joke, because of there’s going to be genuine NTR in my foxgirls I’m burning Christmas. As in setting fire the concept itself. Oh and yay for butt-stuff.

    • Agreed, NTR on foxgirls would be simply revolting. I would do things that can’t be said on public sites by fear of future police reference.

  3. been waiting for this and once again another great chapter and at the end though a new girl about to join in? im just hoping its nothing bad

    cant wait for next chapter

  4. Why the heck keep doing it in a public restroom? I wish they’d do it somewhere there’s a bed 😛 that’s more comfortable

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