Release 437: Sakurako in covert ops part 9

For this Valentine’s Day, Yuri-ism has a special treat that’s sure to warm the hearts of all!

The ninth installment of the story of the century continues!



(C89) [Purimomo (Goyac)] Secret Flowers 9 (YuruYuri) [English] [Yuri-ism]
Credit Page Source: Pixiv

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9 comments on “Release 437: Sakurako in covert ops part 9

  1. That was adorable. Such an interesting concept too. Makes me wonder what other manga could make good use of the ‘silence’ in this one.

    Thanks Yuri-ism!

  2. What is this “Itou Hachi thing”? Cropped pic is from Sayuri-san. Could it be, yuri-ism finally picked up this series? Or the pic is irrelevant and it can be anything by Itou Hachi? Hmm?

  3. It`s about time secret flowers continues this one was really good and hilarious you know what this silent chapter reminds me of? A game called Live A Live for the SNES if you pick Pogo`s chapter their is no dialogue at all and they use word bubbles with pictures in the for the dialogue instead heh the song Nice Weather Ain`t it was playing in my head the whole time reading this 🙂

  4. Ah yes, Chapter 9.
    I remember when I first saw this one. It was a long awaited one I was hoping to see what’s next but…
    The artist did something different. A silent manga. I freaking loved it.
    So great. That may explain why Sakurako hates Himawari’s oppai but come on, isn’t that the most adorable way to put it?

    Love this series and I love purimono and I love you Yuri-ism guys for translating and uploading, you are the real MVPs

    *closes eyes*
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    “HimaSaku is adorable”
    *open eyes*

    Yes it is ❤

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