Release 452: Vacations for Ship Girls

Even though I don’t care much for shipgirls as a whole, Suzuya x Kumano will always be awesome. Oh, and mekimeki is great, too.

If anyone has better scans for this book, please let us know! We’d be interested in doing it.



(C88) [Mekimeki Oukoku (Kurashiki Teruko)] Precious Resort (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [Yuri-ism]

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Download: Mega | Uploaded | Yuri-ism
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5 comments on “Release 452: Vacations for Ship Girls

  1. HOLY SMOKES YES YES YES THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING THIS!! I bought this doujin a while ago so I’m glad it finally got translated, mekimeki’s art is so good ❤ SUZUKUMA FOREVER ❤

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